Why live in Orba?

Orba is the ideal town in which to establish your residence and see your sons and daughters grow up. In Orba we have more than enough reasons to make you see that it is the ideal town for any family. If you want to know more, visit the following sections.


Orba occupies practically the geographical centre of the Marina Alta, being located just 15 minutes from the beach and the mountains of the interior. It is at the centre of many smaller towns but at the same time it is very close to the largest towns. If you decide to flee from the stress of the big towns but at the same time you want to live near them, Orba is your place.

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Orba has a privileged environment.

On the tops of the mountains and by the sea you can enjoy some walks and spectacular views. With walks of less than two hours and practically level, you can walk through the agricultural area of the valley, the river bed of the Girona and into the mountains, a landscape of images, noise and smells that you cannot stop enjoying.

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Orba has always been known to be the village of ceramics.

More than 50 families earned their living from this craft in the first half of the 20th century. We are currently in the process of recovery of this and other heritage, but meanwhile you can enjoy the route of Les Fonts and other water infrastructure, see the remains of the Riurau which continues to survive and visit the Castellet, which is the subject of a protection and restoration project.

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Orba offers you all types of housing.

If you like to live in a traditional village with a Mediterranean character, you have it here in Orba, where you can enjoy all the services less than two minutes walk from your house. But if what you want is a paradise of tranquility, the adjoining village of Orbeta is the place.

If on the other hand you like to live in residential spaces, there are urbanizations built in the
80s on the side of the mountains and if what you want is a something more modern, you can
always find your accommodation in the residential spaces that have been developed in recent


Orba has all the necessary day to day services for you; Health Center, Pharmacy, Post office,
Primary and Secondary Education Center, Nursery, Banks and all types of businesses.

If you decide to live in Orba, your daily life will be very simple.

Buildings and facilities

Orba has a whole series of facilities that you can enjoy at any time.

Whether you like sports or if you prefer culture, in Orba you can find all the buildings and facilities necessary to enjoy your free time.


Orba is your commercial centre.

Vegetables, butchers, fishmongers, grocery stores, ovens and bakeries … you have everything you need to fill the pantry in Orba but that aside, you have a whole series of industries and services for your daily life.

Do not forget to visit the commerce section to know everything that Orba offers you.


Orba is an active town. 

Throughout the year you will find different cultural, sports and educational activities for all members of the family.

As an example, at Christmas and Easter there are a lot of activities where boys and girls take
part; during the month of August La Vetladeta fills the Plaza de la Pilota with cultural and
festive activities outdoors, 3 nights a week, and the Summer Tournament encourages sport
among all audiences.


Orba is a festive town.

In May, in July and in August, Orba and Orbeta breathe fiestas; some religious and others with a popular character, all are a good opportunity to relax and enjoy the rest of the neighborhood.

Why register in Orba?

It is important to be registered in your place of residence for the following reasons:

• Accreditation of address for enrollment in educational centers.
• Inclusion in the electoral census.
• Application for certain social and health benefits.

In addition, if you register in Orba you can benefit from the following services:

• Aid for municipal schools.
• Aid for education from 0 to 3 years.
• Aid for shops.
• Registration preference in activities organized by the City Council.
• Participation in municipal employment plans.

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